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Our many years of experience in the field of car rental, the friendly and hospitable environment, the impeccable service, the respect of the customer, the reasonable prices and the attention to the quality of the provided services are just some of the elements that established us as one of the best offices of our space in Chios.

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chios rent a car Delivery - Return without charge

Delivery and return of your car can be done free of charge at the port, airport or hotel.

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Delivery - Return No charge!
chios rent a car Easter offer

In Mesta and Olympus, but also in Pyrgi and Lithi, villages that retain their medieval characteristics, the custom of Aga is revived every year on Holy Monday. Live the experience, taking advantage of our unique offer for this period.

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Contact us before your arrival in Chios, get to know and take advantage of our current monthly offers!

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