Chios Villages Olympoi


Olympi is a village with the same architecture as the previous villages. It was declared a protected monument. It is located 31 kilometers south of the city of Chios between Pyrgi and Mesta.

Chios Villages Pyrgi


Pyrgi is the largest of the villages of Chios. It took its name from its large and tall Tower. He is known for the elaborate decorative motifs on the facades of his houses.

Chios Villages Mesta


Mesta is a medieval village, one of the most beautiful castle villages of the island 35 km from the city of Chios. The form of the village and its architecture are unique in Greece.

Chios Villages Avgonyma


Avgonyma is a medieval village located in central Chios 16 km from the city of Chios. The houses are built of stone and with small windows. The whole village is located on a rocky hill.

Chios Villages Anavatos


Anavatos is a village hidden and inaccessible on its ascent, it rises like a fortress in central Chios 18 kilometers from the city of Chios. Built on the edge of the cliff at an altitude of 450 meters, it is almost uninhabited and for many is characterized as a ghost village.

Chios Villages Lagada


Lagada is a picturesque seaside village located on the NE beach of Chios, 16 km from the city of Chios.

Chios Villages Volissos


Volissos is the largest village of NW Chios at a distance of 42 kilometers from the city of Chios. Built amphitheatrically on a hillside at the top of which is preserved a ruined Byzantine castle, shaped like a table with six circular towers.

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Palia Potamia

North of the city of Chios, between Amani and Pelinnaio, hides an impressive small village, the Palia Potamia. The ghost village is said to have been abandoned decades ago, due to the minimal presence of the sun during the day and the humidity, which caused most of its inhabitants to get sick.

Chios Villages Kardamyla


Kardamyla is a large village and former town in the northeast of Chios, 28 km from the city of Chios. Kardamyla is divided into two villages. Ano Kardamyla is the old village and is spread on the steep hill Vouno tis Grias. The lowest village is called Marmaro and is 2 km from the upper village. Marble is built in the inner part of the beach, there are many beautiful mansions built by sailors and shipowners who come from Kardamyla.

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